[fedora-india] Ambassadors in India

Ashwin ashwin.lists at gmail.com
Mon May 10 07:34:33 UTC 2010

On 05/10/2010 12:21 PM, Stephanie Das Gupta wrote:
> <snipped>
>> If you really want some yardstick to measure performance of an
>> ambassador, then build some monetary / cash rewards and incentives into
>> the program.
>> I have not listed myself as an ambassador so far, if the rewards /
>> incentives are good enough, I will surely list myself :)
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> I do not agree with idea. Then we will have many people who all of a 
> sudden want to be ambassadors who are doing it just for the money, not 
> for spreading the word about Fedora.

Exactly, then why hold such people accountable for what they are doing
on an honorary basis at their own pace (maybe slower than yours and
mine), Who are you and me to judge them and declare them *inactive*.

Why do you guys get scared when money is discussed ? If you are serious
discuss it or take it as a Joke and enjoy it.

with Regards,

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