[fedora-india] Askbot status update and a call for help

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 02:49:18 UTC 2011


As discussed in this list earlier,  I along with several others (see
wiki page for details)  have been working on packaging Askbot and its
dependencies for Fedora (and EPEL).   You can find more detailed
information about this at


We have made good progress by reviewing and approving several
dependencies and building them for both Fedora and EPEL 6.   Askbot is
written in Django and Python.  To provide a good experience and
integration with Fedora, we would like to add several new features to
it.  For instance,  PJP has already added support for logging in using
the Fedora account system id (upstream made authentication extensible to
support us)  and we are planning on adding support for logging using
identi.ca and quickly posting a question link to identi.ca.   There are
several more features I would like to see added.  Although upstream has
only one active developer, he is quite receptive.   So if you are
familiar with Django and Python,  do let me know.   Many of these
features are fairly easy to add.  I am available in #fedora-india as

Upstream source is at


Also Askbot can be installed via pip or easy_install and a test
repository for RHEL 6 (and rebuilds) is at



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