[Fedora-infrastructure-list] Cacti's running

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 3 19:42:00 UTC 2006

I'd been meaning to add this for a while with Nagios.  Cacti is up and 
running and monitoring some of our servers.  For those that don't know 
Cacti will allow us to get good trending information from the servers.  
We can easily track things like drive space, CPU/Load, and mem usage 
over a period of time (even years if we need to).  It's presently open 
to anyone in the sysadmin group.


Feel free to add more hosts if you're familiar with Cacti.  Eventually 
we can also setup monitoring for our databases to see how and when 
they're getting hit hard.  We can lock the security on cacti down 
tighter if need be but I figured I'd keep it fairly open for now.  Don't 
go breaking it!


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