Calendaring. Again.

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Thu Jul 28 22:32:37 UTC 2011

Well, here's where we are I think... 

1. zarafa 7.0.0 just came out a bit ago. I think this might have the
ability to disable all but the calendar mode and might provide a more
useful sync function set. So, I was going to upgrade our zarafa to that
version when I got a chance. 

Which does indeed still exist:

I agree that it doesn't seem to match up with all our needs for
calendaring, so it might not pass this and we retire it out. 

2. The insight folks have been looking at making a calendar module for
insight that we could use. (drupal based):
So, that was looking like it might be an option. 

I guess we should really move back a step here. 
We have:

Which we should really clean up and update to what we NEED and what we
would LIKE to have and then see what actual thing meets those criteria
and run with it. 

I'd hate for us to implement too many more things before actually
knowing what we want/need. 


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