Calendaring. Again.

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Thu Jul 28 23:02:17 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-07-28 at 16:32 -0600, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Well, here's where we are I think... 
> 1. zarafa 7.0.0 just came out a bit ago. I think this might have the
> ability to disable all but the calendar mode and might provide a more
> useful sync function set. So, I was going to upgrade our zarafa to that
> version when I got a chance. 
> Which does indeed still exist:
> I agree that it doesn't seem to match up with all our needs for
> calendaring, so it might not pass this and we retire it out. 

Sounds cool. I'll take a look. I think it might take a bit to get over
my worry about Zarafa - it is, after all, explicitly designed to be an
open core, cheaper Exchange replacement for Exchange shops. But then eGW
is also open core-ish, although its open source version is stable,
mature, and does what we need (and really a lot more than we need).

> 2. The insight folks have been looking at making a calendar module for
> insight that we could use. (drupal based): 
> So, that was looking like it might be an option. 

Interesting! I hadn't heard about that. Will look at it.

> I guess we should really move back a step here. 
> We have: 
> Which we should really clean up and update to what we NEED and what we
> would LIKE to have and then see what actual thing meets those criteria
> and run with it. 

Sounds good. I think quite a bit of that is still accurate, but I don't
think FAS authentication is really required (especially in the 'just a
few people with write access' scenario I suggested), and I'd like to
have sync made a 'must have', especially since so many people use phones
these days. It needs to be sync rather than one-time import/export,
because if we delay the release, we'd wind up with a mess unless the
calendars are actually _synced_.

> I'd hate for us to implement too many more things before actually
> knowing what we want/need. 
> Thoughts? 

Sounds good. I'll make a note on my todo to take a look at the zarafa
instance when it's updated, check out that drupal module, and propose a
revision to the 'requirements' list.
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