New RFR -- Zanata instance

noriko noriko at
Tue Jun 21 00:18:12 UTC 2011


Sorry replying after closing the ticket, I was traveling Japan last two 
weeks and had no internet connection. Now I like you all involved to 
reconsider this RFR.

As Jared pointed, it was clearly agreed to revisit. This offer is great 
opportunity for all translators to test new tool which has potential to 
be hosted at Fedora ground. And as Mike said, the conversation should 
start with translators, so that we will be able to come back. It is best 
to have a test instance within fp.o.

Please notice that this RFR is just asking a test, not a move. As 
someone refer to the need or the cost (people power or $$), without 
testing, translators will not be able to evaluate those whether it is 
worth or not. I like you all to remind that it is not zero cost but it 
does cost running transifex for Fedora at as well, manpower of 

I have been strong supporter of Transifex, and still am confident that
Transifex is excellent tool for translators in some projects. However 
there is no reason to deny other tools because it was just 
developed/introduced after Transifex. Most of translators even do not 
notice this discussion. I beg you, please give us a chance and let us 
discuss ourselves before making any decision somewhere we do not know. 
Please do not squash the opportunity for us.


Ruediger Landmann さんは書きました:
> Thanks all for the feedback and comments; some of it has been extremely 
> useful.
> I concur that it's premature to tie up Fedora resources in such a test; 
> I'll investigate other hosting avenues and reopen the discussion here 
> only if Zanata looks promising and after I have some buy-in from L10N.
> Cheers
> Rudi
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