Hosted/Collab migration status update

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Nov 28 20:49:49 UTC 2011

Just to bring folks up to date with the current status of our migration
of collab and hosted machines to new hardware: 

Last week serverbeach10 died. It was the host that was running the
hosted03 test instance. (So, if you have been wondering why you
have not be able to get to it, thats why). In the process of them
looking at it, it was found that the hardware was end of life and
they didn't have any spares/replacements. 

After discussions, the miscommunication was cleared up and they are
going to re-replace our new serverbeach machines with supported/newer

So, those new machines should hopefully be provisioned this week, and
serverbeach06-10 will go away. 

Of course this throws a wrench into our timeframe for migrating things,
as we are set back waiting for new machines and re-provisioning them
and then may run into holidays. ;)

I'll update our timetable as soon as I know more about the new
machines. Possibly we can get in some of the migration before holidays,
possibly not. 

On the plus side the RHEL6 test instance for hosted was looking pretty
ok from all the testing feedback I got, so I think we are good to
migrate over to 6 on it in any case. 

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