Fudcon lawerence stuff

Ricky Elrod codeblock at elrod.me
Wed Jan 23 06:47:01 UTC 2013

On 01/22/2013 11:34 AM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

> ...and I bet there's more stuff that I forgot. If you remember
> something you worked on, add it here in a reply. ;) 

- I started re-themeing FAS's web UI. In general people seemed to like
it, but it's still a major WIP. Some of my work is pushed in the
'newtheme' branch.

- I set up ansible on a local VM and started playing with it, since
there were a decent number of people at FUDCon who I could ask about it,
but I didn't end up needing to ask anything -- it was really simple to
get started :)

- Looked over some of Seth's stats with him, and tried setting up
logstash at one point on my laptop, but didn't get very far. I should
probably talk to Luke about it at some point, because it looks neat. :)

Thanks all for an enjoyable FUDCon, I had a lot of fun!


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