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> Greetings from a newly registered member!
> I've seen the 'GSoC @ Infra' thread but I didn't want to hijack it
> nor do I know how to reply to a thread through mailman...
> I will be applying for GSoC this summer and GitLab is my first
> priority as I have been using it since version 2 and I want to
> contribute in any way I can. I have been talking with Vit Ondruch
> about the packaging procedure and I just sent a mail [0] to the
> ruby-sig list too, regarding this.

Excellent. ;) 

> I have also read last year's discussion [1] and it was made clear by
> Dan Allen [2] that besides the whole implementation thing, it is as 
> important to find some people that will maintain the project
> longterm. And I am willing to do this. I don't know if it is possible
> for more than one person to work on a project during GSoC, but
> another fellow is interested in this as well [3]. So, now we are
> two :p
> This should be very interesting and I am looking forward to hearing
> from the infra team :)

Sure. We have talked about this as well... I think the important thing
to focus on right now is the packaging. Until it's packaged and up to
Fedora guidelines, we aren't likely to look at deploying it. :) 

Once the packaging hurdle is overcome, yeah, we would want a team to
help manage it and deploy it and keep it running. 

Do see:

For our process on adding a new stupported application. It's kind of
lengthy, but we want to make sure things are supportable and

Good luck and keep us posted on the packaging process. ;) 

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