Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Mathieu Bridon

Mathieu Bridon bochecha at
Fri Jan 17 04:39:46 UTC 2014

So, it appears I never really formally joined the group.

I think I met most of you at Flock Charleston, and I've been involved in
Fedora for a few years now (got my froglet badge!).

But the /Infrastructure/GettingStarted page says I really should do
this, so here it comes! :P

* Your IRC handle (What's this?)

That's easy, it's the same as my FAS account: bochecha

## What skills you have to offer and which you would like to learn

At $dayjob [1], I'm the (yes, **the**) :

  * Python developer
  * {,proven}packager
  * sysadmin-{build,cvs,devel,releng}: I maintain our internal
    dist-git/lookasidecache/koji/bodhi/repos infrastructure, I wrote a
    tool based on pyrpkg to interact with it,... [2]
  * releng: I work on the tools to compose new releases of our OS [3]

So I guess these are the areas where I can help. :)

## What you would like to work on and quite possibly which outstanding
issues you would like to help resolve

I've been hacking on Bodhi (1 and 2) for some time now, both upstream
and downstream (we have a pretty heavily patched bodhi to adapt it to
our needs [4]).

Recently, after Dennis mentioned it was something he'd like to see
happen, I started working on running mash as a Koji plugin. [5]

More generally, I'm interested in working on our build and release


[2] Here's a bunch of the stuff I've written / patched as part of that

[3] We don't build Anaconda-based ISOs, just firmware images to be dd-ed
    directly on the disks of the machines we deploy.

[4] It's almost a fork, given how much stuff is hard-coded in Bodhi 1
    that we have to change:

[5] I'm hopeful we can start using this soon, both in Fedora and at


One thing I feel worth mentioning: I live in Hong Kong (for now), so the
timezone difference makes it pretty much impossible for me to attend IRC
meetings. (and generally makes it harder to communicate synchronously).

Fortunately, there is some overlap (usually before the US goes to sleep,
and soon after Europe awakes). :-)



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