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Tushar Kumar tusharkumar1693 at
Tue Jun 2 02:58:05 UTC 2015


I'm Tushar and I have been using Fedora Linux for many years. I would
like to proceed with the development part on Fedora and I was already
trying to do the following.

I decided to do something for FAS. However, I am new to Fedora Project
and I need some pointers for setting up the development environment. I
have cloned the FAS from GitHub and changed the branch to FAS_3.0. Now,
I typed:

fas-admin -c development.ini --initdb [--default-value]

in bash, but it returned:

bash: fas-admin: command not found...

Before all of this, I ran and it went smoothly but, it showed 1
error in the ending:

sqlalchemy.exc.UnboundExecutionError: Could not locate a bind configured
on mapper Mapper|People|people, SQL expression or this Session

Can anyone tell me, how to proceed from here on?. I am new here and I
would like to learn and contribute in the long run.

Tushar Kumar
IRC: OpenDevil (FreeNode)
Email: tushark at
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