[release] pagure: 0.1.11 and 0.1.12

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at pingoured.fr
Fri Jun 5 12:50:19 UTC 2015

Good morning everyone,

With a lot of help from Patrick that has done a great job keeping up with the
pull-request queue of pagure, I have been able to cut a new release of pagure
this morning.
While testing it in staging, I found a couple of annoyances that I fixed, that
Patrick reviewed and that therefore lead to a second release.

Here are the change logs:

* Fri Jun 05 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou at pingoured.fr> - 0.1.12-1
- Update to 0.1.12
- Fix the URL where the sources upload are done
- Upload the new sources under the project's name (be it project or

* Fri Jun 05 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou at pingoured.fr> - 0.1.11-1
- Update to 0.1.11
- Another fix for the fedmsg_hook git hook
- Adjust how we display the README page to avoid XSS there as well
- Add the possibility to disable plugins via the configuration file
- Present the git tags in the UI
- As soon as the API user present a token, validate it or not, even if the
  endpoint would work without token
- Integrate alembic for DB scheme migration
- Cache the PR's merge status into the DB
- Only people with access to the project can add/remove API token
- Make the unit-tests run on bare repos as in prod
- First stab at online editing
- Simplify the API output to drop the project's settings where it doesn't
  make sense
- First stag at allowing upstream to upload their release to pagure
- Fix merging a PR into another branch than master
- Reduce code duplication when checking if a PR can be merged or merging it
- Code style clean-up

As you can see this 0.1.11 version comes with a lot of improvements, they are in
facts the major milestones for 0.2.
So most of the heavy lifting is done for 0.2 and what is left is actually just

So I will be closing those easyfix over the week-end, please poke at pagure,
report any bug you face and if all goes fine we can announce 0.2 some time next

Have a nice day,
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