Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Patrick Creech

Patrick Creech pcreech17 at
Tue Jun 30 13:33:09 UTC 2015

IRC: pcreech, pcreech|work

For the past five years I've worked primarily as a C#/.NET developer.
In those roles, I've had the pleasure of also having systems
administration roles.  From managing single server linux setups, to
creating a highly available IIS web application infrastructure.  Most
recently I also built a raid 10 iSCSI server with CentOS 7.

I have a BS in Computer Science, and am interested in server
Orchestration, automation, and High Availability.

I have code contributions to the Pulp project, and after a recent
break am working on items for them again as well.  I've also been a
team member of Funtoo Linux for the past few years as well.

I'm currently trying to absorb the information you guys have out there
on the infrastructure, so I don't necessarily have a specific issue to
help out on yet.  But anything in the previously mentioned arenas, as
far as code or sys-administration I'd enjoy helping out with.

Looking forward to working with you guys!
Patrick Creech

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