[fedora-java] Help Requested to Package Bedework

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 14:10:13 UTC 2009

Hello all,

About a year ago, I suggested that BedeWork (http://bedework.org) be included. I offered to package it with some help. I unfortunately ran out of time. I now have time to package it and hopefully maintain the package. Unfortunately, I haven't written an Java code in a decade or so. I have never messed with Java packages. I also have no experience maintaining for Fedora.

The problems I have:

This package has a bunch of property files that you have to edit before you build/package the program. (http://www.bedework.org/downloads/3.5/BedeworkManual-3.5.pdf#page=18) These include database names, locations, user/passwords for the database, etc. I do not know if this is normal or not. I do not know how to package this, how to suggest people customize this information, etc.

This program also requires JBoss or Tomcat (maybe there are others that will work). Since I do not see JBoss in Fedora, Tomcat would be fine. I have not experience with this. It would be nice if a Tomcat person can help me with documentation on how to get this working and to use AD (Kerberos [SPNEGO/GSSAPI] and LDAP) for the authentication and user/group information as well.

I have a few packages that I have not yet submitted that I have packaged. These include PyKota (and its dependencies), DSPAM, and C-ICAP (not yet ready as I have some code I am writing that will be turned over before I submit this package).

I have no clue about any of the build systems in Fedora, so I will need help with this as well.

Thank you,

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