Kmail on 4.8.3, Fedora 17 is constantly closing due to a segfault 11

Eli Wapniarski eli at
Sun Jun 10 04:32:25 UTC 2012

On Sunday 10 June 2012 00:25:02 fedoraproject at wrote:
> Hello,
> I went through a session a couple hours ago and must have seen about 20
> segfault 11's. I am not kidding, it's no exaggeration, I really needed to do
> something important and I needed Kmail. I really needed it.
> I lived with these constant crashes and in fact, I've probably avoided using
> my client because of them, up until the moment, I have no choice. I won't
> write up a bug report because I can't reliably repeat them.
> I don't even have an idea about why I am writing this, I guess I am hoping
> for a miracle. I want to keep using Kmail but I am near my wits end.
> Any ideas on what could be causing Kmail to crash.. a lot?

Try this...

Disable nepomuk.... reboot..  renable nepomuk... reboot. See if that clears 
things up. It did for me....

Sorry for the Windowsish suggestion.


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