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Thu Aug 13 15:16:27 UTC 2009

On 08/13/2009 04:53 AM, satya komaragiri wrote:
> Hello,
>>>>> I'm sorry we haven't been able to get this onto the meeting agenda.  Do
>>>>> we still need to discuss it?  Is there a bug to tracking its packaging?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> John
> The goals were revised and it was decided that I first put up a
> standalone demo where we can get enough feedback to make Beacon usable
> and then concentrate on integrating it in Zikula and Publican.
> The demo is up at
When hitting the login screen:

"Error: This browser maybe incompatible with Beacon. Please use Firefox
3.0+ only."

That's not a very nice message.  If Beacon uses standards compliant
javascript we should be able to get it to work with webkit-based
browsers as well.  Maybe downgrade to a warning?  Or having a blacklist
instead of a whitelist?  (Note that it already seems to be a warning --
I'm able to login and use Beacon using arora (webkit based) despite the

I took a brief look.  Creating a new document was intuitive.  Saving it
a few times generated new revisions which is a nice feature.  I was able
to change titles in the sample docbook document and highlight some
paragraph text and change what type it was and edit the paragraph.  Some

* How do I enter a new paragraph or section?

* The Source tab lets me edit the content but the changes don't seem to
be persisted.  Should they or should I not be able to make changes there?

* The list of types in "Insert inline Elements" is not alphabetical.
Sorting them would make it easier to find the type of element we want to
apply to the text we're editing.

> The login page requires the user's FAS account details.
> It would be really nice if you could take some time to test it out and
> give some feedback.
As long as this is running on publictest we should hit the publictest3
fas server instead of the real fas server.  publictest doesn't have SSL
which makes it insecure to type your real username and password in.

I've changed the server being pointed to on publictest1 by editing

So if you want to try this out, create an account on

Then use that test account to log into beacon on publictest1.


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