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Drak drak at zikula.org
Fri Jun 4 03:33:27 UTC 2010

Are you using the latest version of Advanced_Polls

Only this version is compatible with Zikula 1.2.x as far as I am aware.



On 4 June 2010 09:03, Frank Chiulli <frankc.fedora at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm working on Fedora Ticket #116.  I've installed the zikula and
> zikula-module-advanced_polls RPMs on pt16.  I'm having a problem with
> the Advanced Polls.  I was hoping that someone on this list might have
> a suggestion.
> Under Advanced Polls, click on the 'New Poll' tab.
> Clicking on New Poll brings up a Create Poll screen.
> I filled out the fields and hit 'Create Poll'.  A new page comes up:
> Page not found
> We're sorry. The page you requested,
> /zikula/index.php?module=Advanced%20Polls&type=admin&func=create,
> doesn't exist on "Fedora Test Site for Polls".
> Search
> You can also search this site to find what you are looking for.
> Additional technical information
>   * In Advanced Polls module, create function returned.
> Back
> -----
> I clicked on 'Back'.  The page said 'Poll Created' at top.  If I click
> on the 'View Polls' tab, the poll that I just created shows up.  If I
> click on 'Advanced Polls' on the right, a new page displays.  If I
> click on the new poll, I get a page with the title and
> description.  However there are no options.  Nor was I ever asked to
> enter any options.  If I click on the Vote button, I get the
> following:
> Error! Could not do what you wanted. Please check your input.
> I can edit the poll and add the options.  I voted.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Frank
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