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On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 4:45 PM, Paul W. Frields <stickster at> wrote:
> Interesting conversation on #fedora-mktg and I wanted it to be seen by
> others who are working or considering working with us on
> Drupal/Insight.  The first bit concerns the PHP requirement for Feeds:
> <asrob> stickster: btw I tested Feeds module last week, it runs very
> well with PHP 5.2
> <stickster> asrob: So is the requirement in error then?
>  asrob: Might be worth emailing the maintainers to see whether they
>  can describe exactly what the requirement is for -- if we don't use a
>  specific feature, for example, we could simply proceed
> <asrob> stickster: I solved it
> <stickster> asrob: Can you describe this on the list please?
> Peter, can you give us some more information about what you solved
> here and in what situations we might still need an upgraded PHP (if at
> all)?

Yeah, Feeds module have a few requirements like Ctools module.
The solution is simple, we have to install other modules from
Feeds works with PHP 5.2 well.

> * * *
> The next bit concerns how Feeds works against content to create nodes
> in Drupal:
> <asrob> stickster: yeah, but there is a problem with Feeds, it creates
> nodes from the imported things
>  stickster: imho we don't want to this
> <stickster> asrob: I think we want to avoid that, correct
>  Oh wait
>  asrob: Actually, in specific situations we may *want* to create nodes
>  In other words, we want to be able to take a copy of a posted blog
>  entry on the Planet that is a very good post or piece of news.
>  Then we can promote it on Insight, without having all of the posts
>  from the Planet listed.
> <asrob> hm
> <stickster> Maybe making a node in that case is actually desirable
> <asrob> okay, I will see what can I do
> <asrob> stickster: a solution, we import news into the moderation
> queue of drupal and the moderators review these things <-- what think
> about of this?
> <asrob> ahh
> <asrob> stickster: what do you think about this? ^^
> <stickster> asrob: That could work -- it matches the workflow I was
> thinking of
>  In other words, it looks something like this:
>  1. Someone on the Marketing team sees a good post on Planet that
>  should be promoted
>  2. Visit Insight/Drupal to import or approve/promot post
>  3. Post appears in a recent community news area
> <asrob> ah, I see, this is very helpful information
> Basically, in the next phase we'd like Insight to hold more community
> created material.  We want to be able to promote existing material
> that comes to the Planet.  Insight is meant for a broader audience
> than people who are Fedora contributors.  Not everything on the Planet
> is worth carrying on Insight, but specific posts -- like team
> bounties, special announcements about test days or release events,
> etc. -- would be worth promoting on this site.  That way they would
> reach tech writers, journalists, the general public, and so on.
> Peter, are you interested in working further on this functionality?

Yeah, I have written down this workflow to myself. I am also up to it, too.

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