Planet Edited and Fedora Insight?

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Sat Feb 12 14:34:46 UTC 2011

Hi Andrea --

Yes, I am happy to help.  I have been having trouble making the Fedora Insight meeting times as I am involved in a campus digital video project that meets at the same time.  We can promote Planet Edited in FWN as well to raise visibility of this.  But I need to get some blog posts out about FUDCon so will work on this, this weekend, and also mention some things about Fedora Insight and Planet Edited.

  - pascal
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Il giorno 11/feb/2011, alle ore 19.57, Pascal Calarco ha scritto:

> Andrea, this is a great initiative!  I immediately thought that perhaps for Fedora Insight we could use Planet Edited as the source to draw feeds from.  Are there any downsides to this?

Pascal, I forgot to ask you, do you want to take care of sending out
announcements or status posts for Insight into Edited?

Paul is overbusy at the moment!


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