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Tue Jun 7 23:54:56 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 19:45 -0400, Jack Aboutboul wrote:
> Nothing is understood because there is no information yet.
> Personally,
> I think the announcement was made prematurely.  Then again, I really
> have no idea if it was, since we don't know how much has or has not
> been
> done or decided.

Or instead of saying 'There is now a Fedora is being transferred to the
Fedora Foundation', what should have been said was 'We are working to
create a Foundation to transfer Fedora to'.  That way we aren't totally
surprised when the transfer happens and claim that we weren't warned....

> > I'd like to suggest that the legal people working on the FF creation
> use
> > the Fedora Marketing Project as a mouthpiece.  
> Although I don't think we will be operating under the auspices of
> Fedora
> Marketing Project.  It will more likely be the marketing division of
> the
> Foundation.

Either way, I think the MORE information made public here, the BETTER.
We have an opportunity to un-black a lot of eyes by being nice and
verbose, can we take advantage of it?  Pretty please?

> > Do the work here first to
> > help people understand, and let us help distribute the
> understanding.
> Nod. Multiple times over.
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