grokking the FF

Jeremy Hogan jeremy.hogan at
Wed Jun 8 03:39:19 UTC 2005

Maybe Red Hat would rather announce the intent, and *then* move to
create the Foundation with appropriate involvement from the community,
than go off and make a foundation and have people complain that they
weren't consulted enough. Or that the decisions were all up to Red
Hat, or The Cabal[TM].

Perhaps they thought the decision was newsworthy at face value, and a
big step in the direction they first announced for Fedora -- a step
further actually. After all, the details of establishing an NPO aren't
terribly sexy and the next opportunity for such an announcement may be
months off, and an event exclusively about Red Hat wouldn't be until
this time next year.

Maybe the Deputy General Counsel of a publicly held corporation didn't
want to give too much legal info at a conference with 700+ strangers.

Maybe they didn't expect folks to expect - er - demand such detail
less than a week after the announcement was made.

Or maybe they know folks will find a reason to complain no matter what
they do, and they did what they thought was right at the time, and
ultimately right for the project. Which is more important in the big
picture than keeping score.

Red Hat needs the community leaders to make this work, so my $10 bet
is those who really want to get involved will get all the mind
numbingly dull information about the legalities of a corporate seeded
NPO they ask for.

If you're really interested, keep asking for more info (I know
internal members will be). They can hardly reneg, not just b/c they
announced it, but b/c Fedora needs this and Red Hat needs Fedora.


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