Cool Fedora schwag idea

Matt Frye mattfrye at
Tue Jun 28 16:21:00 UTC 2005

> The letterman's jacket is...too highly charged...[but] I would argue that it *should* be exclusionary.  

If that's a correct paraphrase, then I agree with you, Greg. 
Something original, such as a pin or badge, is a classy idea. 
Especially when associated with some level of excellence or skill that
has proved to benefit Fedora.  In that case, in/exclusion (maybe a
better word is distinction) is positive.

> Wear them on your Fedora ballcap brim...

Maybe first you get the special cap, then the first award pin, second
award pin, and so on.  Then we get that merit badge feel, without the
politics.  If people want to involve their nipples, that's their call.


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