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Patrick Barnes nman64 at
Wed Nov 16 11:46:11 UTC 2005

David Barzilay wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Every time I read a post from this list I ask myself "why do we keep
> banging our heads against the wall?"
> Truly, for how many months have we been discussing the logo???
> I believe I am not the only person here feeling that this is a lovely
> place to discuss ideas, but a "not very lovely" place to get things
> done, am I?
> The only answer I could find is "because we don't have cut-clear project
> management guidelines", thus the decisions are not based on previously
> agreed frames.
> If you are with me keep reading, otherwise just press delete and add my
> email address to your filters.
> In some previous posts I suggested we have a more professional approach
> towards our activities. What I meant by that is defining a few variables
> before every project execution. In other words, carefully planning and
> backing our moves, and understanding its consequences.
> Say the project is NEW FC LOGO (just brainstorming, ok?):
> PROJECT VISION: establish a new FC visual identity in accordance with
> the Fedora Foundation goals and community aspirations
> . discuss, vote, and agree upon FC new logo and visual identity
> . create a new FC logo
> . create a new FC visual identity (logo variants)
> . establish usage guidelines
> . discuss main logo aspects
> . produce layouts
> . layouts voting by community
> . layout final definition by advisory board
> . create logo usage guidelines
> . promote new FC logo and visual identity worldwide
> . define EXACT DATES for each of the steps outlined in the scope
> (this way we have a base schedule for our activities, and avoid "going
> backwards"
> . break down each of the scope tasks into smaller and detailed
> activities, and again: establish exact dates, considering possible
> delays
> . outline all communications tools and their purposes within the project
> scenario, so all members know how to interact in the project
> . outline all participants and their responsibilities for the project
> completion
> . also include all other resources to be utilized
> . better talk to finance geek, not me...but I cannot imagine a
> successful project without a defined budget
> . nominate all, even the ones with lesser probability to occur, and
> study their consequences
> . counter actions, contention plans, etc
> I didn't get these guidelines out of my mind. They are part of the PMI
> (Project Management Institute) courses, world widely known and
> recognized.
> So, are we changing our approach or continue wondering about the new FC
> logo for another semester?
> Thanks for listening!
> Best,
> --
> David Barzilay
> Red Hat Asia-Pacific

We really need to come up with more formal processes than what we have
in place.  Improvement in this area has been slow.  We've jumped in to
several different projects without really knowing where we are going. 
There are obviously some things we can't predict, and we are doing a bit
of experimentation, but we really need to work on formalizing and
outlining our strategy.  I know that waiting for the logo and other
'official' materials and information have put some projects on the
back-burner, but it's time to start moving forward.  No more excuses. 
The Ambassadors and Mentors programs are started, now we need to get
them moving.  We've got the logo now, so we need to start using it. 
We've got coordinated efforts coming together for the website and other
things, we need to start producing more content.  Everyone should pick
something and exercise some initiative to make it happen.  We've got a
lot of talent going to waste, and a lot of projects waiting for that
talent.  I realize that many of us are already taking on some new and
interesting projects, so we should try to build these into a framework
to make sure nothing is forgotten about or dropped aside.  Anyone else
have any thoughts on how we can better organize our projects into a
structured framework?

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 at

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