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Wed Nov 16 12:16:54 UTC 2005

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005 05:46:11 -0600, "Patrick Barnes" <nman64 at>

> We really need to come up with more formal processes than what we have
> in place.  Improvement in this area has been slow.  We've jumped in to
> several different projects without really knowing where we are going.

I think that processes in themselves don't get things done...
Ultimately, things happen when a small group of people have a common
goal, and do whatever tunrs out to be necessary to make it happen. The
processes and infrastructure tend to follow after, e.g there is now a
mailing list for Websites because enough people became committed to the
idea of sorting out Fedora's Web presence.

> There are obviously some things we can't predict, and we are doing a bit
> of experimentation, but we really need to work on formalizing and
> outlining our strategy.  

One way would be start with five or six concrete goals that have
support, and then go from there, e.g. "Have a Fedora presence at every
major Linux event in 2006", or "Hit 10,000 maintained packages in
Extras". What needs to be done then becomes obvious. It almost doesn't
matter if the goals aren't achieved - they provide focus. Example:
GNOME's 10x10. Will GNOME actually have 10% share by 2010 ? Dunno, but
it gives the project specific something to shoot for.

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