Fedora Bookmarks. Fedora Magazine?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Wed Nov 23 22:55:25 UTC 2005


Just a note that Firefox in Fedora Core 5 test 1 and development 
releases now includes Fedora related bookmarks instead of Red Hat stuff 
as pointed out  in this list earlier. The following is provided as 
bookmarks currently.

Fedora Project Portal - http://fedoraproject.org/
Latest Release Notes - http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/release-notes
Fedora Community (bookmark group) -  Fedora Weekly News 
(http://fedoranews.org) and Fedora Forum.org (http://fedoraforum.org). 
Might drop the .org from the link name?
Red Hat Magazine - http://redhat.com/magazine. Probably deemed 
appropriate since it has a Fedora section every month and general 
includes very good information almost always applicable to Fedora too. 
How about having a Fedora Magazine or Journal? . If there is enough 
interest in this, I can do some of the work regularly.

Is there any other bookmarks to add?


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