Could I say a Word ?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Nov 23 23:35:15 UTC 2005


> Howerver, I think we should do an effort on our communication to 
> people who are not coming from or born in computers world : )
> For instance, just do the exercice, try to be a newbies knowing 
> nothing about Fedora and wanting to help or to try the distribution, 
> just for one minute.
> I beleive you should quickly ask you theses questions :
> What is Fedora ? {Yes, I know if am going to the Fedora site I thinks 
> that I already know what Fedora is.:} -
> How can install it ?
> How to use it ?
> Who is doing what ?
> Who should I contact in order to help developpers and others ?
> How should I help developpers and others ?
> etc...
> Ok, I know that almost all the basic information already exists but 
> for the moment it is not so clear than that.
> The newbies will have to search a long time before to discover what he 
> was looking for, won't they ?
Yes. The presentation you have created does a excellent job conveying 
some of this information and we should be creating a standard 
presentation based on that. (I will post my detailed comments on it later
) but a ongoing effort in reaching out to completely new users requires 
communicating more of what Fedora is capable of without putting a lot of 
jargon in it. is a nice model to aim for.


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