30 minutes presentation

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Mon Apr 3 01:04:25 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 02:56 +0200, Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> Report:
> ----------
> My presentation on Thursday was followed by an Install party, which I
> hosted at my place.
> The Install party was extended for two days, instead of the initial
> planned "1600 to midnight" on Saturday.
> Besides the install party, the objective was to install certain
> development tools such kdevelop, anjuta .....
> Saturday : at 1600
> Everyone was right on time :) without free space allocated for the install. :(
> Every one (7 in all) who was willing to give FC5 a try got a Free FC5
> DVD from me, even the guy who was willing to install debian got my
> LinuxTag's debian dvd for free. But it happens that during the
> hardware detection, debian wasn't fruitful, so I handed him my Ubuntu
> Breezy cd, which I got at LinuxWorldExpo in Frankfurt.
> I made myself a fool when I told that anaconda can resize their NTFS
> partition. I always thought anaconda could do that. Is it because of
> patents ? 

You cant do resizing without reading the partitions. So the same issues

> Anyway, thanks to ThomasCanniot on #fedora-fr, I got myself
> a gparted livecd which resize partitions like a charm.
> Ill advise anyone who is planning an Install Party to acquire a
> gparted livecd from http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php
> You'll thank me afterwards for the time you will save just for
> resizing ntfs partitions.
> at about 1800 the real installation started, everyone fired their
> installation dvd/cd into their players.
> Anaconda eased the pressure/stress of each participant. Well done,
> Anaconda. My assistance was only solicited during the partitioning
> section. If not, the installation worked like a breeze except for one
> particular participant. His laptop (P3 1.2GHz) couldn't bear the
> installation, and shuts down automatically due to overheat. Several
> attempts did not prove to be successful. But nevertheless, he asked
> whether the next day (i.e Sunday) I could install FC5 on his desktop.
> Another user was too stupid to choose a proper keyboard layout, hence
> the root password was unknown after the installation. He started
> again.

There is a RFE to test the layout before confirming precisely to avoid
this problem.

> FC5 installation in this desktop, proved to be buggy!!

What was the bugs? Got any bug reports filed?


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