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Wed Apr 19 12:50:13 UTC 2006


It's a wonderful idea!

It could probably even be used in other countries/languages. Most of
the content doesn't seem to be specifically French, so perhaps people
from other countries (maybe especially ambassadors?) could take the
idea and adapt it to their own countries.

Depending on how it goes, why not create a "general template" of this
which could then be used for any country?
Most of the questions people ask are always the same, and the
presentation itself wouldn't change much in content, just the
language, so that kind of stuff could be included in the "template"...

What do you think? Or is there already something similar I'm not aware of?


Andre Nogueira

On 4/19/06, Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh at> wrote:
> Hello there,
> As many of you, somehow heard before on IRC, we are planning to make a
> presentation on IRC about
> Fedora and how the french community can help.
> So up till now, we are:
> AurelienBompard,
> DamienDurand
> ThomasCanniot
> FrederikHornain
> WilliamHoffman
> and me.
> Yesterday night, we (AurelienBompard, DamienDurand, ThomasCanniot and
> I) had an unexpected meeting on #fedora-fr-meeting for nearly 2hours.
> The meeting minutes can be found on
> in French.
> The official wiki page is
> When, Where, everything is written over there. I welcome everyone to
> read it over there, to prevent abuse of copy/paste.
> This event is intended for the promotion of The Fedora Project and how
> a non-english native can contribute to the success of such big project
> as The Fedora Project.
> There will be a Secret guest who will be participating with us too.
> He/She will be introduced at the beginning of the Presentation.
> Concerning announcements, after translating
>, we will
> start making announcements everywhere, lugs, news sites .....
> A list can be found here
> For some who remember the Umeet conference, it will be similar.
> Cheers,
> Chitlesh GOORAH
> PS: Rahul proposed "vFUDCon" as a more specific title for our event.
> (v for Virtual)
> PS: The might
> look like a personal wiki page, nevertheless it is also about
> checklist for preparation, hence participants have all the rights to
> edit it.
> PS: It was a great meeting yesterday :)
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