Fedora derivatives branding discussion -- the root problems (revisited/simplified)

Andre Nogueira andre.nogueira.fedora at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 17:44:27 UTC 2006

> I don't think anyone should be required to remove Fedora logos from
> inside their new distro/live CD. Apache, OpenOffice.org, GNOME and
> other projects leave their logos in when their software is used in
> different distros. Why not Fedora? It's advertising for the project,
> without official blessing (or responsibility). Just don't let others
> package their product as "the" Fedora Core.

The main difference is that those are programs which are intended to
be distributed, while Fedora is a complete operating system - which
includes those applications people use.
While OpenOffice is OpenOffice regardless of whether you're using
Fedora, Ubuntu or Windows, the same doesn't happen with Fedora.

The main problem I see with allowing the Fedora logos and images to be
used in Fedora-Based distros is that most people (and here I'm talking
about the average Joe who barely knows how to turn on his computer)
will probably think that Fedora and Fedora-Based distros are the same.

It is debatable whether this is good or not - but I don't think it is.
If one particular distro has problems (is for some reason unstable,
etc) Fedora suffers too, because to that user they are the same thing.
Saying simply "Based on Fedora" and not having Fedora logos clearly
shows that the distro is NOT Fedora.

Or perhaps I'm seeing it wrong?...



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