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Gian Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at prodigy.net.mx
Wed Aug 23 16:11:55 UTC 2006

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Rahul escribió:
> Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>> Even though I'd be most interested on hearing/reading what does Max
>> think about Ubuntu, I'm not sure if his input on the subject more
>> directly than what it was would have been all that beneficial, for the
>> discussion and the whole Fedora "angle".  However now knowing that
>> Fedora is "no longer" a "Linux power user/enthusiast" distro any more
>> (or so I deduce from some of the postings and points made by Rahul),
> Right. We are interesting in driving the project to serve other
> needs along with the power users.

I must admit that I did not know this was the direction the
distribution was heading, though was kind of obvious from Core 4 to
6T2 now. I've been having new users use Fedora as their first Linux
distribution and some even began with Yarrow back in the day, and
stayed with Fedora to date. My greatest "pride" was a nephew who
installed Fedora and then Ubuntu (an umbiased opinion) and he said he
generally found his way around Fedora easier than in Ubuntu (I was
kind of surprised. At first I thought he said that because I
introduced him to Fedora, and felt compelled to say so, but then he
said he really did). Not to bash any other Linux distribution, after
all the more Linux users there are, the better support for other
important stuff there'll be (programs, hardware, open specs for open
drivers, etc, etc... And that only means good news for Linux in
general, despite the distribution!)

I'm a Fedora fan, even when I am not as participative as I would like
to be, partly because I don't find the time, partly because I just
simply don't know how to contribute... or simply where to start making
contributions... I hope I'll find my way around, though.
>> I'd really be interested, as I tended to think that two niches were
>> covered by either Ubuntu and Fedora. Fedora being more like Gentoo
>> (without the whole "build it thyself" aspect) and being a distribution
>> that could appeal easily to both GUI-inclined power users and CLI
>> hardcore power users;
> Yes. We need to continue that balance.
> Rahul
It is just because of THAT balance, that I CHOOSE Fedora over other
"major" distributions. From the ones I've tried (and they've been
plenty) none gets as close as Red Hat/Fedora for that sort of
flexibility and dependability: meaning you can relay on a GUI tool to
get something done with just a few clicks, if the task would have
required you to do extensive editing of a config file; or I'd rather
sudo /sbin/service <name> (re)start|status|etc from CLI if I wanted to
start, restart or see the status of a service rather than going to
Desktop --> Administration --> Servers --> Services and having to
supply the root's password, while having the user in the wheel group
and making users in wheel not need a password for sudo gets the job
considerably faster.
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