press kit

wonderer wonderer4711 at
Mon Sep 8 16:52:19 UTC 2008

Hy everybody,

Ok, because there where only good feedback I build up two basic 
press-kits (one in english, one in german).
You can find it at .
It would be good if everybody could look over it and give corrections 
and additional infos. Particularly for the range statistics I look for 
information and sources. Also I can place some more representative press 
releases or pictures in. if there where "big" projects in business or 
communitys it would be fine if someboda can give me more infos about it.
If anybody has info or was involved in projects where fedora take place 
please contact me. I will put the infos in it.
I have a litte request that changes are sent first to me and not please 
yet edit wildly around. If the draft versions are ready I will send them 
around for further translation and place them on the wiki.

best regards

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