Sent Cds' to Himanchal pradesh

Tushar Neupaney tushar.neupaney at
Thu Sep 25 03:37:05 UTC 2008

Hello Rajan,

Sorry for the late reply. I was extremely busy in the SFD08 program. We have
celebrated a lot and hope everyone did.

We have a group here and please guys join us @

I have sent you:

30 CDs of Fedora (5 cd per distro *6 distros)
1 Net install CD

Total 31 CDs.

To Guys in himanchal pradesh, India. Hope this work will count and spread
Linux around the globe.

PS: I don't know how to track the parcel in the courier. The service is GMS
and the tracking code is 100852097. Hope some one will find out a way.


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