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On Wed, 2008-09-24 at 22:42 -0400, Oisin Feeley wrote:

> That sounds like something with which I'd be very interested in being
> involved. Part of that interest is based on my perception that Red Hat
> Magazine does a great job of transmitting information from the original
> sources so well, for example the articles on SELinux[1] and Func and
> Cobbler[2]. RHM is also a useful one-stop-shop for information from Red
> Hat events[3].  Material "from the horse's mouth" is hard to get hold of
> and is one of RHM's strengths. Do you think this could continue with a
> re-jigged RHM?

I doubt it would be a problem, and it would help distinguish the RHM
content from FWN/

> Also, do you see any role for Fedora Weekly News?

This is entirely my vision of how this could work, so take it with that
hefty grain of salt.

* Consolidate writers and editors of RHM, FWN, and a to-be Fedora
Magazine as one virtual team

* Create 3.5 distinct web presences: -- as it is right now, just with even more
community-focused content -- content that appears in tagged as Fedora
also appears here.  Front page ticker shows FWN. -- news aggregation that may share some content
with *magazine.(com,org) -- same mission as, same
relationship with, focused on developer content

* Work the editorial calendar and such to create a unique voice amongst
them, while reducing the work each needs stand-alone.

The Red Hat Magazine brand is definitely Red Hat, but it has spent a lot
of effort over the years at creating a stand-alone voice within the Red
Hat sphere.  Dev Fu is in a similar vein.  I think there is a lot of
room to make a closer association and not lose on the community side,
gaining all around.

- Karsten
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