Let's meet! (Marketing FAD 2010)

wonderer wonderer4711 at gmx.de
Sun Dec 20 18:35:18 UTC 2009

hy there,
> *Red Hat office in either Boston, MA or Raleigh, NC as we have attendees in 
> the area (Mel for Boston, Max and Kara for Raleigh) and we have the benefit of 
> having a Red Hat office, which would probably get us easy conference space.
The PRO on that would be that we have a REALLY good Infrastructure.
But I had the experience from meetings here around where participants
are near their workplace that can be contraproductive (e.g. "hold on, I
had a call from ... I need to to do that ... I grab something from the
office, wait)...

All other places sounds good for me ... I did not know any of them ;-)
> When: Mel suggested a March time frame, which is pretty broad. My high school 
> has spring break from Sat 13 to Sun 21, so any days in those time frames work 
> best for me and (iirc) Robyn, as her children have those days off, too. Some 
> questions: How many days? 
I throw some thoughts in: I think we did not meet together in THAT
particular group, meaning we had never before a MKTG FAD. We encounter
each other at FADs, Events, Office time, etc. but THAT will be the first
MKTG FAD where marketing stuff came up on the table and get things done.
I think we will become acquainted with each other, know how things work
in one or another part of the world, put together best practices, etc.
Therefore it will NEVER be enough time to do all things. But I think if
it will be possible 3-4 working days withing 1,5 days of planed leisure
plus some spare time would be a good choice.
> Do we want a leisure day? 
Hopefully yes ;-)
> Of course, these questions are avoiding the large and awesome topic, of "what"  
> we want to do at this event? Mel said we wanted deliverables after the event, 
> what deliverables do we want? Any other goals?
Put my in the wiki...

hope 2 c u soon :-)

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