Zikula theme status

Simon Birtwistle simon at zikula.org
Fri Sep 11 02:21:42 UTC 2009

> • Images - This is my biggest concern right now. If you want to post an
> image in an article, you can't. It won't let you. It just spits out the
> img tag in plain text. :(

I've fixed this - it's normally a security precaution (for the technical amongst you, think CSRF/Cross site scripting).  Doesn't apply here, because we have limited admin access.

> • Comments - I don't know how to get comments forms to appear beneath
> articles. From searching the Zikula forums, I found out thatEZcomments
> is a plugin that does it, but we don't seem to have it installed and
> I'm
> not sure if it's okay to install.

We should have this packaged - if not, it's an easy one to add

> • RSS - I don't know how to do this. We need one feed for all articles
> and ideally at some point in the future a podcast and vodcast feed.

So this is the RSS module, which has been packaged.

> • Author names - I can't figure out how to get real human names :( not
> sure how. Also my method of linking to the author's profile is rather
> hacky.

You can do this via the template - if I can catch you on IRC I can take you through it.

> • Links for sidebar articles - can't get them, variable is a mystery.
> When I use the usual variables all the sidebar article links (e.g.,
> individual event details links) come up blank or point to the main
> article being displayed.

In the blocks?  I'll have to go through this one on IRC as well.
> * Feature story - I'd like to have one story displayed in full
> blinginess on the front page, it seems the news module has a way to do
> this but I can't figure out how to make it work (how do you assign
> 'today's feature' to an article?)

So this is slightly counter-intuitive, and complicated (unnecessarily so, I smell a feature request...)  Another thing I'll take you through on IRC.

> Any help is greatly appreciated! I hope you like the progress so far.

I think it looks *great*.  Thanks for all your work, and figuring this stuff out on your own :)


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