List of Planet content for FI

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Fri Sep 18 10:18:43 UTC 2009


So, reviewing Planet for the last few days has revealed to me just how
much valuable  content people are posting there, and the potentially
huge amount of material that could be appropriate for FI in one form
or another.

Has much thought been given to the kind of content that should be
posted to FI? If not, it might be time to do so :) Some of the posts
below, for instance, are full blown how tos, or could easily be
developed into instructions on how to use Fedora to achieve something,
while others are short advisories that are almost certainly useful for
the whole of the Fedora community, incl. those who don't read Planet.
Others still are mentions of events or activities that deserve write
ups to reveal the vivacity of the community... the final category of
posts, at least as I'm describing it, are more commentary on wider
issues not directly related to Fedora but linked closely to the spirit
of the project and have an indirect impact. Maybe a number of topic
feeds, or a highlights feed, might be needed at some point?

Many may be considered not appropriate, but I thought as a starting
point for discussion, the posts below all represent potential for one
kind of post or another.

I'll continue monitoring, but noticed my list had grown rather long so
thought I'd pass it along now for refinement, discussion and direction
for further curation.



p.s. sorry for the lack of links... got a little lazy.


Ding Yi-Chen makes further comments on i18n and package management -
feel these would be suitable for a post once the work is complete.

Michael DeHaan writes to inform that Cobbler 2.0 has just been
released, as well as a set of instructions to describe how to set up a
computer lab in a particular set of restricted conditions.

David Lutterkort writes about new technology to facilitate network
management in VMs, as well as mentioning the Virtualisation test day.

Til Maas wrote a short but informative piece about the `Not ready' tag
for packagers.

John Poelstra wrote a good piece about mind mapping with Freemind on Fedora.

Ria Das wrote an introduction to IRC, including how to install and use
XChat on various platforms.

Fabian Affolter wrote about the up coming OpenExpo conference in
Switzerland, 24th to 25th September. Would be good to get a write up.

Ding Yi-Chen writes about upcoming work to develop i18n package management.

Scot Williams writes about a presentation he gave at the LiLAX LUG.

Maria Leandro has posted a series of photos edited in GIMP, along with
details of the edits she made. Possibility to have a piece about GIMP
and photo editing on Fedora.

Nicu Buculei writes about Google's Data Liberation Front. Not
necessarily a piece in itself, but it might make for an interesting
op-ed piece, about freedom, cloud computing and data security (perhaps
focussed around trust)

Luya Tshimbalanga writes the new libxml2 in test and Rawhide breaks Inkscape.

Adam Williamson writes to announce the PulseAudio Test day on
Wednesday 16th. Would be good to get a write up.

Kulbir Saini writes about how to setup a dual display with ATI Radeon (fglrx).

Dan Walsh writes about the four key error messages given from SELinux.

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