Fedora Insight schedule slip: new launch date 10/14

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Sat Sep 26 04:35:22 UTC 2009

Thanks for the nudging-forward questions, Max. :)

> Is there special content planned for launch day/launch week, so that we
> get off to an exciting start? Or are we just going to launch with a post
> that says "hello, world"?

Yep, that's the general idea, though we could be doing much better at 
nailing this down and stacking the queue ready to go.

As a start, Jon started marking Planet posts that could be repurposed 
into great FI content 
and Martin has been working on materials for the "fun projects" rotation 
(https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/11). We could use more.

Anyone keen on being the temporary FI editor (obtain material and 
publish it at what you reckon is a good pace - the workflow Robyn came 
up with is wonderfully simple) until, say, FUDCon when we can figure out 
a more stable scheduling/distribution of responsibilities? (News team: 
is this something you'd like to do, since you're already doing it every 
weekend for FWN?)

> I feel like the former -- having some stuff in the pipeline locked and
> loaded -- will allow Insight to make a big spalsh, and be off to a good
> start, but still be somewhat viral in the way it rolls out.


> Also, what sort of monitoring will be in place to track activity, which
> items of content are most read, etc.? We should be tracking that stuff
> from day 1 also, because it will be incredibly useful to have, and to
> compare to things like Red Hat magazine.

Good point - this is something that hasn't been addressed yet, afaik. No 
special work being planned at the moment aside from maybe looking after 
the fact at whatever tracking capabilities Zikula already has built 
in... Ian, is this something that would fold into your Stats project, 
and if so, would you be interested in taking this part on?


PS: I'm baaaack! Catching up gradually over the weekend.

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