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Wed Apr 7 01:21:35 UTC 2010

Hi all,

 Fur future reference if this suits anyone:

 As a personal note, I would like to clarify that is how Marketing /
Advertising professionals sometimes use colours. It's widely accepted in
the Western Civilization at least. For other regions, the meanings might
be shared, but further research should be accomplished.
 Regarding artists that are on this list, please don't take this too
much serious, as it might be useful for when developing a logo or splash
image, it usually should apply to your "general" work. This is mainly
how Marketing can use colours combined with other variables in order to
trigger sensations and feelings.

 On a personal level, I would like to point this Fiat add as a powerful
example on how to explore red which triggers in most cases (this add) a
feeling of passion and creation:

 Link #1:
 Link #2:

 I've lefted two links, since the first one has a more scarlet red (but
lower definition) which resembles best with the add itself.

 Anyway, yet another (maybe, who knows?) unuseful contribution.


Nelson Marques
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