Fedora and Video Sharing

Nelson Marques 07721 at ipam.pt
Sat Apr 10 15:29:27 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-04-10 at 10:57 -0400, Jan Wildeboer wrote:
> Youtube however uses the H.264 codec which is patent encumbered and only 
> viewable on Fedora after installing either (proprietary) Flash or 
> not-so-well-licensed codecs from external repos.
> One of the four F's of Fedora is Freedom. Youtube is not adding to freedom. 
> Its the price you pay for convenience.

What would you suggest for an reliable alternative that can provide:

 # user friendliness
 # decent connectivity
 # a wide audience as youtube?

 Up to this point, it's constructive. From this point on, it's a private
view and should be faced as such.

As a personal comment, for a second I saw that "freedom" almost as I see
"despotism". It's because of the availability of proprietary software
for Linux and close standards that I use it (and that makes of it an
alternative to other proprietary OS's), else I would be stuck with
Windows (as FOSS doesn't provide everything for users needs). 
 I understand that we should promote open standards, but that will
handicap a campaign and will probably not give as much impact as it
would. Even for the artists making it, it's a huge cutdown on their
efforts. Do we really need to be so narrow? can't we actually provide it
both ways and make our official stuff on a non-offending format, but
also make it available on youtube?

"In America, through pressure of conformity, there is "freedom of
choice", but nothing to choose from" - Peter Ustinov.


PS: This comment translates a personal view.

> Jan
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> As long as the website offers good connectivity worldwide should be ok.
> Youtube should be nice since it has akamai behind also.
> The importance of prime channels of distribution should be a concern,
> and Youtube provides the necessary points for it, either from the
> audience point of view or distribution.
> +1.
> nm
> On Fri, 2010-04-09 at 16:23 -0400, Nicholas Ozorak wrote:
> > Dear Anyone with an interest in video distribution,
> >
> > My name is Nick Ozorak, and I am one of the students from Allegheny
> > College who has just come in to help with the Fedora Project.  My
> > particular field of expertise is in video creation and distribution,
> > as I already have my own video-web series.  I'm one of five students
> > who's looking into the issue of how videos about Fedora can be
> > distributed online.
> >
> > I saw in the archives that there was recently a discussion about
> > Fedora and where videos showcasing the project should be hosted.
> > Internet Archive was mentioned, as well as Dailymotion.  Based off of
> > my experience, both of these websites are decent places to host video,
> > but they don't receive as much traffic as the granddaddy of them all -
> > YouTube.  As a consumer, when I am looking for videos regarding
> > technological developments, YouTube is where I go first.
> >
> > I am aware that some people are uncomfortable with relying on YouTube
> > and Flash, but there may be a solution to satisfy everyone.  One idea
> > that I have come up with is:
> >
> > * Set up official Fedora Project accounts on websites like Internet
> > Archive and Dailymotion.
> >
> > * Create videos on these accounts to establish them as being
> > officially part of the Fedora Project (welcome videos, tutorials,
> > features of Fedora, etc).
> >
> > * Designate people to be official Fedora Project Video Account Managers.
> >
> > * Allow other video creators and content developers to showcase their
> > Fedora-related work on the official channel(s) by sending their video
> > to the Account Master(s) for consideration.  If accepted, these videos
> > would be added to the official channel.
> >
> > * Open a YouTube account, and ask people if they are comfortable with
> > having their work(s) displayed on YouTube and/or other Flash-based
> > websites.
> >
> > I'd be more than happy to discuss this idea in an IRC chat with those
> > who are interested.  I would also be curious to find out what results
> > previous discussions about this issue have yielded and get a sense of
> > what people's opinions are.
> >
> > I will also add that I had never heard of Fedora before one of my
> > professors started discussing it in class.  Once Mel Chua came to
> > speak with our class and explain how this open-source community
> > worked, I began to understand.  Having videos that explain the goals
> > of the Fedora Project to those who have heard little to nothing about
> > the project would be extremely beneficial with regards to outreach.
> >
> > Thanks for reading, and good luck with preparing for the big release!
> >
> > Nick
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