Fedora and Video Sharing

Nelson Marques 07721 at ipam.pt
Sun Apr 11 21:26:29 UTC 2010


 You are right. I haven't gone for licences neither I spent much time
looking for alternatives. What I am trying to say is... if there is some
software that can work out for your needs and the problem is only
related to infra-structure: hardware and connectivity, I am sure that
can be arranged (in Europe). It's one phone call away.

 Are any artists here willing to start such a community, inside Fedora
or even as a general open source platform? 

 I have payed some attention to mizmo's post on my blog and I'm looking
into it... but feel free to share on what are the real needs of the
artists, from version control and such and point software
alternatives... If it goes costy for Fedora in terms of hardware and
bandwidth, I'm sure that can be arranged for the project or for a
private initiative.

 This is a bit out of scope of this thread. Anyway, my concerns were to
not to attack opensource projects or whatever, they were in the scope of
trying to reach a higher audience which would possibly benefict us as a
project. I understand the licensing issues and the concerns about H.264.
Fine, I rest my case regarding that. If there is something I can do to
help overcome that hardware/connectivity/resources, I'm sure that can be
arranged :)

 Even if no one wants to take this, feel free to provide valid input,
because I might use it around PLUG in a nearby future.



On Sun, 2010-04-11 at 22:08 +0200, wonderer wrote:
> hy there,
> Am 11.04.2010 17:39, schrieb Nelson Marques:
> >
> >> This is what I was thinking but I think we need to get archive.org up
> >> and running first so it can be be our main repo
> >>     
> > Though I'm not very fond of php in favour of cgi/perl/c, do you think
> > this would be helpfull ?
> >
> > http://www.phpmotion.com/
> >
> >  nelson.
> >   
> I think it is a good idea to look how others do it. But as mentioned
> before we had allready the discussion of hosting ourself (high costs,
> reliability, administrative tasts, etc.) if there are plenty of
> ressources we could use. Also your example has another flaw: it is not
> open as can be seen at http://phpmotion.com/content/view/44/190/. It
> would be against the philosophy of the Fedoraproject to use propriety or
> constricted Software / plattforms. The flaw in php-security I will not
> begin. But to look after some Opensource piece of cgi/perl/c code for
> better handling, etc. seem to be nice. I think Jörg pointed out some
> gallery http://jsimon.fedorapeople.org/events/2009/ and e.g. can that be
> used plus maybe our upcoming Zikula / FedoraInsight for some of those
> tasks to combine existing media and point them to our own content.
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