Google Adwords - not sure if off-topic

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Fri Apr 16 21:36:27 UTC 2010

 I had a small chat with a close friend of mine that is Marketing
Director in an Italian group represented in Portugal.

 We had some weird talk about Adword, and it actually I've seen some
very weird stats. I've never worked with Adwords before, I am not even
aware if Fedora does it, but this was interesting to analyse.

 They bought some words on adwords and placed a small budget. They
bought their usual words, and the most fun part, their competitors
words. Strangely, they got roughly 40% of the hits incoming from
searches from their competitors. For their case, that strategy seems to
work fine (Ceramic Industry).

 Not sure if the same could apply to us, or even if we use adwords, in
case we do and are not exploring it that way, I would suggest a test on
it for some "relevant" statistical data.

 Just a thought...


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