Something more about Fedora 13... and YOUTUBE.

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Wed Apr 21 17:24:50 UTC 2010

Disclaimer: I propose a truce on this thread and no "licensing" weapons
of mass destruction please. The important thing is feedback.

That is the result of a query for "Fedora 13"... some of those videos
are pretty nice. I don't know who is the person on the videos neither
the full extent of his publications. I understand that we have problems
with H.264 and it's seen as something malefic to our noble beliefs.

Anyway, my questions:

# How could Marketing support people who develop that work? Could we
provide them more material? (at least compilation of links?).

# Should we support their work? (their work, not their ways of diffusing
information, so we can skip the H264 issues)

# Should we run something like a small program (probably a database of
info) to cooperate with people who are actually promoting us?

# About user feedback. Shouldn't we lurk and take notes on criticism
made by people outside our community? Eventually try to identify for
flaws and prepare some corrections so we can actually try to leverage
their expectations with satisfaction ?

Now considering the following search: "FEDORA REVIEW"

A simple indicator that pops out, is that hits have been dropping since
Fedora 10 ;). Less people interested ?

Can we for Fedora 14 work on feature profiles maybe earlier on and have
some material already prepared for people doing reviews? Should we
actually start a program or campaign so that we can provide segmented
information for everyone who wants to do this kind of work?

By the way, I would like to point something very interesting...

Hits for "Fedora PS3" are incredible... Who is doing this Fedora stuff
on PS3? Do we have a good reason for neglecting this? Because to me it
appears that this gets a lot of interest... is that a SPIN ? 8)

Another interesting thing is comparing the search results and hits for:

arch linux.

This mainly result of pure curiosity.


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