F13 one page release notes - feedback / suggestions for sprinting

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 15:08:01 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'd love to be around during Allegheny student-time today but it
conflicts with my daughter's $dayjob (elementary school student, lol).

Here are a few suggestions for the One Page Release Notes:

* Under "how to get started" - maybe we could add something about a
USB key? I think this is particularly useful for those who are running
netbooks and such that don't -have- CD drives.  Also - it's a really
cool feature!

* Under color management - where there is a comment about vagueness -
one thing that really resonates and is easy to understand is the idea
that things will print out with the colors you intended.

* Under easy print - the part about nvidia video cards can go, it's
being covered in Video drivers.

* I would love to see more about the Fedora Community being
highlighted - I think a great thing to do in the "Help make fedora"
section would be to talk a bit about the "Friends" Foundation, and
make sure that "Foundation" links back to the Foundations wiki page.
I think the four F's really click with poeple and we should take time
to try and introduce at least one - if not touch somehow on ALL of
them - in the one page release notes.  Even if it's not being
described, necessarily - talking about Freedom, Friends, Features,
First - having each of those words throughout the document -
emphasizes the things we believe in.

* Expanding content just a bit under system administrators and
developers - I'd suggest content ideas here, but I'm out of time!


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