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Take a look at brdcst.it, does what you want, is AGPLv3 and I am one of the 
devs ;-)


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We currently have a microblogging capability through HootSuite/Ping.fm
that connects to Identi.ca, which in turn feeds Twitter.  We started
using HootSuite because it offered the ability to share access to the
@fedora feed without sharing a passphrase, which would be non-optimal
from a security standpoint.

However, according to the HS site, we will no longer be able to share
team access to the feed.  They are moving to a pay-to-play model for
any team functions.  This was a risk we assumed in using HS, but
mitigating it is very simple, as we knew going in.

Therefore, I'm going to distribute the passphrase for the Identi.ca
@fedora account (to which the Twitter account is hooked) via GPG
encrypted email to the team members listed on the wiki:


If I can't find a GPG key for you, I won't be able to distribute to
you via this email, but you can get in touch so we can remedy that.
(I'll have to require some sort of verification in that case, like a
key signature by someone trusted.)

If anyone has better ideas, please let me know.

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