Talking Points SOP: status update, next steps

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Mon Feb 15 09:53:11 UTC 2010

In the marketing meeting / post-meeting SOP discussion last week, the
timeline was decided of putting out a "call for participation" on the
Talking Points on either Friday or Monday.  Since it is now Monday,
we need to do it today :) Which means we need to (1) finalize the SOP,
(2) send out the email to the appropriate lists.

Ryan Rix and I worked up the Talking Points SOP this evening /
morning.  A (very) rough draft is up at  (We were both
pretty tired but decided to knock out a first go at it; there is
probably some good content missing from what we discussed in last
week's marketing meeting, and post-marketing-meeting Talking Points
SOP discussion. Eyeballs! Feedback! Please!)

If anyone is around in the morning (7am Pacific, 10am Eastern, ish) -
I will be online finishing the editing on the SOP and sending out the
email CFP on F13 Talking Points. If anyone wants to hop on and help,
that would be AWESOME - or feel free to contribute on the wiki page if
you get to it before I do.  One thing I would like to add to the SOP
(since I just thought of it 3 seconds ago!) is the content of the
email to be sent out requesting participation in Talking Points
development. If someone would like to jump in and do that, that would
be great.

Finally, the other thing discussed in the marketing meeting was that
we should pre-populate the F13 Talking Points page with some items as
a point to start from.  A number of community members have already
jumped in and done some filling in the blanks there, so I think we
have a sufficient starting point to go from - but feel free to jump in
and add anything that is missing.  The F13 Talking Points page is at

David Ramsey did an awesome job filling in some of the proposed
Talking Points, and Ryan mailed him earlier this evening / morning to
see if he would be interested in talking with us about how / why he
picked his proposed Talking Points, so we can add some of that
information to the SOP.  I don't think this part of the SOP
necessarily needs to be finished prior to us requesting Talking Point
proposals, but I think it would be insightful to other community
members.  David said he'd be happy to talk with us about it, so I'd
just like to say,  THANKS DAVID! - and hopefully we can synchronize on
that soon.



PS. For reference: Meetbot log of further discussion on Talking Point
SOP that occurred post-marketing-meeting:

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