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Mon Feb 15 14:32:54 UTC 2010

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 02:53:11AM -0700, Robyn Bergeron wrote:
> In the marketing meeting / post-meeting SOP discussion last week, the
> timeline was decided of putting out a "call for participation" on the
> Talking Points on either Friday or Monday.  Since it is now Monday,
> we need to do it today :) Which means we need to (1) finalize the SOP,
> (2) send out the email to the appropriate lists.
> Ryan Rix and I worked up the Talking Points SOP this evening /
> morning.  A (very) rough draft is up at
>  (We were both
> pretty tired but decided to knock out a first go at it; there is
> probably some good content missing from what we discussed in last
> week's marketing meeting, and post-marketing-meeting Talking Points
> SOP discussion. Eyeballs! Feedback! Please!)
> If anyone is around in the morning (7am Pacific, 10am Eastern, ish) -
> I will be online finishing the editing on the SOP and sending out the
> email CFP on F13 Talking Points. If anyone wants to hop on and help,
> that would be AWESOME - or feel free to contribute on the wiki page if
> you get to it before I do.  One thing I would like to add to the SOP
> (since I just thought of it 3 seconds ago!) is the content of the
> email to be sent out requesting participation in Talking Points
> development. If someone would like to jump in and do that, that would
> be great.

The page looks great.  I think you can also find some helpful
information on the [[Category:Talking Points]] page that will help
fill in "how to choose points."  In fact, I'd be in favor of removing
a bunch of that material from the Category page, and just linking back
to the [[Talking points SOP]], to avoid duplication of content (and
confusion about where the governing stuff is).

> Finally, the other thing discussed in the marketing meeting was that
> we should pre-populate the F13 Talking Points page with some items as
> a point to start from.  A number of community members have already
> jumped in and done some filling in the blanks there, so I think we
> have a sufficient starting point to go from - but feel free to jump in
> and add anything that is missing.  The F13 Talking Points page is at
> David Ramsey did an awesome job filling in some of the proposed
> Talking Points, and Ryan mailed him earlier this evening / morning to
> see if he would be interested in talking with us about how / why he
> picked his proposed Talking Points, so we can add some of that
> information to the SOP.  I don't think this part of the SOP
> necessarily needs to be finished prior to us requesting Talking Point
> proposals, but I think it would be insightful to other community
> members.  David said he'd be happy to talk with us about it, so I'd
> just like to say,  THANKS DAVID! - and hopefully we can synchronize on
> that soon.

I have some changes I'd like to propose to the talking points that are
on the page now, should I just edit the wiki?

Desktop users/everyone:

* I'd include the state of free video drivers (esp. start of 3D
  support in nouveau) here.  That's a huge story that we need to drive
  home, because so many people say that 3D support is what keeps them
  on a proprietary NVidia driver.

* The new user account dialog is a big step forward in usability and
  deserves some love.  I'd combine this with color management and
  NetworkManager upgrades as "general desktop improvements."


* What about Zarafa being available, which is the first complete
  groupware (mail/calendar/etc.) solution available in Fedora?

* NFS features need to be combined.

* I'd advocate for removing the SSSD listing because of the difficulty
  of explaining the impact to a lay press reader, and because this
  change will not affect many people.

* NFS and the btrfs rollback feature need to be explained in simple
  terms, or else dropped off the list.


* IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans could be combined as general "You can
  find this package in Fedora 13" features.

* The Python 3 feature should be expanded to include the better Python
  debugging features in Fedora 13, which will affect many devs using
  both Python 2.6.x and Python 3.

Finally, I think we discussed reserving a section in the talking
points for new spins.  This time around we're premiering the Fedora
Moblin(tm) Desktop Edition and Sugar on a Stick.

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