Talking points: for the next round

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Feb 24 19:30:18 UTC 2010

A side note for next round, now listed at If we don't catch it on 
the final run of the SOP, we'll catch it during our F13 "how did it go?" 
review some months from now, after release.

19:22 < mchua> kashyapc: out of curiosity - what would have made the 
deadline easier to know about / keep track of / etc?
19:22 < mchua> I get the feeling we may have unintentionally blindsided 
developers despite trying hard not to.
19:24 < kashyapc> mchua,  one reason, me not being more lazy :) 
seriously, I feel  you folks  have done a good job.
19:25 < kashyapc> mchua, I was the only guy trying to keep track of it. 
(as  other folks were neck deep in more pressing issues)
19:27 < kashyapc> mchua, one thing I can think of - may be a small Note 
about this at the end of the main FeatureList page ?
19:30 < kashyapc> mchua, thanks for the info, btw.
19:33 < mchua> kashyapc: Oh, that's a good idea - we should be clearer 
about how this ties into the feature cycle.

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