Mel Chua mel at
Sat Feb 27 09:37:52 UTC 2010

> By the way, a suggestion, can we place a small request to our artists
> for a Fedora Marketing Group logo? Do we need permission from sponsors
> or anyone else on the organization?

We've got one, actually - it's in the banner at the top of, and Tatica made it (originally 
made for and then translated). tells some of the story.

If we need it remixed/modified/etc, you could always reopen the ticket 
or create a new one ( and 
then try to persuade a Designer to take it. ;)

As for permission, I believe that only comes into play if we're using 
the Fedora logo in the Marketing Team logo (which we probably don't want 
to do, but I could be wrong here). 
has logo usage details.


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