Brainstorming - A more representative name for Fedora Summer of Code

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Tue Jun 15 16:06:08 UTC 2010

While at SELF over the weekend i caught a bit of text from quaid on
IRC in #fedora-mktg - talking about coming up with a more logical name
for Fedora Summer of code.

12:04 < quaid> ooh
12:04 < quaid> have we tried our hand at branding fun yet?
12:04 < quaid> i.e. ...
12:04 < quaid> I have a summer program for students to contribute to Fedora
12:04 < quaid> what should I call it?
12:04 < quaid> :)
12:05  * quaid just realized that he has this group to brainstorm with
12:05 < quaid> I think this calls for Email
12:30 < rbergeron> quaid: that kind of thing - i absolutely love thinking up
          clever - and unique - names for things
12:30 < quaid> sweet
12:31 < quaid> yeah, we've already broken the name with the reality this
          summer, and then what do we do in the winter that is really summer
          somewhere else?
12:31 < quaid> summer coding has one student who is ... writing a guide.
12:32 < quaid> so real content (finally!) as a student program :)

And so - I got busy thinking, haven't come up with much yet, but had a
few things...

FLIP - Fedora Learning Immersion Program (or project?)
Fedora Open Source Student Immersion

Yeah, so it's not that great of a list. Usually I do better... usually
I have a few more hours of sleep under my belt.

I think two things are key here: 1 - We want to try and get rid of the
"summer" aspect - as it's not always summer for people. 2 - I think
removing "code" is wise as well - students doing documentation and so
forth are certainly not excluded.

I like to cluster together words though when I'm doing this type of
thing.  Here's a list of what I came up with - does anyone else have
anything to add?

Open source
open source way
leaders of tomorrow


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