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 I've had a small talk with Robyn on the IRC regarding the progress of the
SWOT and we traded some concepts and ideas on how to provide the best
information possible for the Community and the Project, so that the SWOT can
actually be used and understood properly.

  While the Internal Analysis is actually easy to perform, some other parts
of the SWOT might require a bit more of care and study, in particular, the
Critical Factors for Success. To provide better information for now and the
posterity we talked a bit and eventually we agreed that Focus Groups could
be one way of improving our knowledge about our users and use it for the
SWOT and eventually for all the Project. I would recon that the Board might
have special interest on this as most likely will do the SPINS and other
Fedora sub-projects.

 I don't quite understand the concept of SOP's or master it's evil wicked
arts, but I've pulled out something from my notes and my shy knowledge about
Focus Groups.

 I've created the following entry on the wiki:

 I will add examples after I run a Focus Group later on. I could do this
easily, but unfortunately the Fedora Community in Portugal is very scarce,
and despite there is a method to run Focus Groups over the Internet, it's
been patented since 1999, and I'm not pretty sure if I should use patented
methodology (I know patents offend many people, so I'll just dodge them). I
hope to provide soon a couple of documents to attach to this 'SOP' for
better understanding:
* A list of questions, Focus Group script and Final Report.

 I hope this helps the project in the future, and since the Events organized
by the Project, specially by Ambassadors might be a good way of deploying
Focus Groups and gather relevant information. Though I won't be able to
deploy on the Field the Focus Groups, I can for sure help people (maybe
ambassadors or people who are more active with Fedora Communities who can
run it), just let me know with a couple of months before the event so we
have time to discuss and elaborate this.

 Thanks all for reading this,


nelson marques
nmo.marques at
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